Sunday, May 24, 2015

The 500th Post

On the fifth day of being MIA. It's only now that the groove is starting to return to my system after weeks of not blogging and days of being away from work. Right now, I have been MIA from the office for five days after being sick since Wednesday. But given that this is the 500th post since having this blog (it's been 6 years na pala since I wrote my first piece), I'd rather put up something meaningful. In this case a few things that I realized since being away and recuperating (which is still the case as of today).
  1. No human can outdo an Enegrizer Bunny. I don't always get sick. And when I do, I normally need two days maximum and I am well enough to return to work. But this time it was different. While I was really wanting to return to work last Friday (and badly wanted at that), my body this time would not simply cooperate. And when the body fails to do what you want, you have no option but to waive the white flag even for once.
  2. The need to slow down when one gets older is necessary. Prior to going on an unexpected sick leave, I have been going through a stressful time at work. Something which is unknown to some of my colleagues. They'd been telling me to slow down, get some rest or even go on a vacation but I dismissed it opting to just work my body out. But after what I've gone through, I guess I'll make use of my vacation leaves.
  3. It's better to be 30 and healthy than to be 30 and flirty. I have been getting busier at the same time that I am indeed getting older. Unfortunately, there had been times that my body could not keep up with the pace of my busy schedule. My mom and one of our family friends who is a physician had been warning me about going on a slow pace and with what I had been through the past few days, the advice could no longer be dismissed but instead be taken into serious consideration.
  4. It's not always love that makes the world go round. Sometimes vertigo could do it. Now this was the real reason why I went MIA from work since Wednesday. I've never been bothered by vertigo but for the first time I did and I know now how it feels like to go through that malady. I'm still on medication but as per the doctor's advice, given that I lessen stress and live a healthy lifestyle, another attack won't appear until after three years (although I prefer not to be bothered by the ailment anymore for good).
  5. One has to be ready to receive an unexpected but wonderful compliment at a certain time. Okay, this is actually a rather personal note which I learned from a recent incident (read two days ago). as much as I'd like to narate how this happened, I guess this piece of advice would be best say it -- or perhaps it deserves a separate post in the future.
So there goes my 500th post. I shall get back to making the most out of the recuperating period (though I feel much better now compared to the last few days) and I'm looking forward to returning to work by tomorrow.