Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Serving of Pop Fiction

I'm not much of a young adult literature fan. While I do love books, I think of that genre to be mismatched to my age. So it's weird why on one payday, I found myself clutching this book, Between Now and Ever After while I left the checkout counter of  supermarket -- that's despite of the fact that the books of David Levithan and Lauren Oliver is still waiting to be read and released from my bookshelf.

Pop Fiction books are published by Summit Media mostly for teens. You're surely asking what does this have to do with a 30-year old, workaholic geek. My main reason for getting this book was because I wanted something away from the hardcore titles (read: thick novels) and true enough, this was far from being stressful to read. Instead, this was a simple, light, feel good book composed of five short stories about everyone's  favorite subject: LOVE.

I have yet to finish the book (two more stories left). As of this writing, I am on the third story but, this little book has bits of love wisdom in between which can sound simple but when you think of it hits right on target:
  1. True love is worth the wait.
  2. Dare to fall in love because life is too short to wonder what could have been.
  3. Make your move before the moment passes. Because in the end, you'll just regret the decisions you waited too long to make.
  4. If you have chemistry, then you only need one other thing: perfect timing.
  5. Sometimes, the hardest to let go of is the one you never really had.
Did I tell you that this book is fit for a 16 year old? And reading this one makes me go back in time about how the feeling is to be 16 again.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

What Transpired in a Month

Besides the usual busy workload in the office, rainy season is finally here. I went on a Facebook hiatus for more than a month mostly because of personal reasons. After more than 30 days of no status updates, I'd limit status updates to once or twice in a day and in a few day intervals. Nowadays, I limit internet usage to reading some blogs and checking just two accounts on Instagram. I know this is nothing new but then, I never thought shutting my online life temporarily has its positive benefits.

I am currently on vacation leave to rest and relax. So how are things going for me the last month without hardly any status? These "photo essay" will tell.

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana :-)

I joined in to the bandwagon of the Minion craze. And while my office mates have a lot of these little yellow creatures, I just got one and I'm just fine with it..

My godchild/niece Hailey turned one and I've received little yet prophetic gifts :-)

I've finally gone into physical therapy to ease the pain caused by Tennis Elbow. I've completed the six sessions two weeks ago . My therapist is also from my hometown. The treatment gave some sort of relief but then the pain would still come every now and then. My ninang whose occupation is also in the medical field said it could already be because I have been working for a long time and my age (aka pains of getting old).

Watched a movie (the fifth for this year) that is The Breakup Playlist. If you're in for loads of Piolo Pascual-induced kilig  and an inclination on music then better see this one (and you'll be surprised how the movie's title came to be).

I also finished Jennifer Smith's The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight which I brought in March.

And I tried my hand at art through this adult coloring book. So far, the experience was nice as I never dared engaging in any art activity before for the belief that it is not my cup of tea. 

As of today, I still have unread notifications. I only get those reminders on my email. While I post a couple of status messages, I still am still unsure as to when I'll resume with my online life but so far, I am enjoying this uncomplicated, simple and productive life free from cyber-stress.

And I guess I'll let that be for sometime.