Monday, September 14, 2015

Team Staycation at Linden Suites Ortigas

A couple of weeks ago, our team finally had our long-awaited bonding session which we scheduled during the Australian public holiday last August 28. Bonding as a group free from the stress of our daily workload happens as rare as the drop of rain on summer. So when we found out that we're going to have a holiday in August (and with the approval of our boss, of course) we decided that a team building through the form of a staycation would suit us best. We decided not to complicate things anymore and a colleague booked the team for an overnight staycation at Linden Suites Ortigas.

Our group stayed at the three-bedroom suite. The place was spacious (as seen on the above photo) fit for our group and our activities given that the games prepared by the committee required space for us to move around.

While I am a homebody, being away from home even just for a night gives me issues with sleep. Namamahay as how others say is not just applicable to kids as I have that problem too. However, the beds  at Linden (that are sooo comfortable) provided me with the comfort that I needed to get a well-deserved rest. It was that comfy that when I got home, I kept wishing my bed is as relaxing as theirs.

Competitive Children!
It was a night of games, games and more games. We staged a few activities inspired by the American show Minute to Win It as well as a kiddie game of "Find that Sound" where we go about in pairs; the one picks a sound to mimic and the blindfolded person has to find his/her partner just by the sound (or in our case noise) the other makes. I guess it was a lucky night (despite of the Friday Ortigas traffic that we were watching from the window of our suite) because our group won most of the prizes.

 We might be a noisy bunch but we did not forget to say grace before each meal. Come the preparation of dinner, we got to observe delegation of tasks. And even though it was just for a night, I have an idea now of the scenario should all of us lived in the same roof. Talk about putting a line between order and chaos hahaha! And while working in a law firm taught me to befriend coffee, it was also in that staycation that I got to consume three cups of coffee in just a night -- something which I don't normally do at home.

The night was a long one for us but we still did not forget to include a funny awarding session. And by awarding session, even our supervisor Precious was not spared because we prepared something for her too. After all, next to our Australian boss, she is the mom/sister of these competitive but  noisy children -- us. Here she is all smiles with her favorite stuff in the world: Hello Kitty!

Our staycation won't be complete without a group shot where we also unveiled our Burleigh Legal uniform.It was one long night (as they all slept at 4 am) but it was so worth it. These activities and being able to unwind once in a while free from the clutter of a work desk and instead spending the night over noisy (even scary) conversations and coffee are good forms of energizers to refresh us and reboot ourselves back to productivity.

And just like that Tagalog song goes, sana maulit muli. :-)

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