Sunday, June 12, 2016

Post-Election Food Trip

I have been meaning to write this post a few weeks after my friend Kim and I decided to visit and do some bonding session but because of a disappointing experience, had to contemplate whether to do so or not. So pardon me if this is another long-overdue post.

I went on a scheduled vacation leave a day after the elections (May 11). My author-friend Kim have always wanted to meet and finally, after what seemed eternity, we found the time to do so. She had always bugged me about visiting Dorothy's Waffle House in SM Center Angono because she had always wanted to try their unlimited waffles promo that she saw on their FB page. However, on that day we visited, this is where the disappointment occurred because we were told that the said promo is no longer offered (when their FB post said otherwise. The said post was removed the following day after we complained). To cut the whole long and disappointing story short, we settled on ordering what's on their menu.

This artwork on the wall reminds me of a huge
adult coloring book.

The centerpiece on each table are vibrant.
This has Christmas colors.

Even our drinks are matched to the color
Refreshing but too sweet for my tastebuds.
The spaghetti is filling if you're into carbo-loading. The serving is
average portioned. Kids will give a thumbs up as to the taste.

I ordered their mango waffle while Kim had blueberry.
Their waffles are good though it would be better with
sweet mangoes than the jelly I think.
In a way, despite going through those few minutes of disappointment over that promo (that almost led me to unleash my inner-lawyer subconsciousness), Kim and I had a good time most over the waffle and the conversation. If you are looking for some cozy pl,ace to hangout with friends, you can give this place a visit. Although for us, it might take some time before we decide to come back.