Sunday, July 10, 2016

The OC Project: Our Lady of Light Parish Church

It has been a while since I first wrote about the first church for The OC Project series. as much as I wanted to finish the series in just four weeks, some things would just show up unannounced heath and work wise.

But since I got a free day yesterday (thanks to the rainy weekend weather) after running a few errands, I got to devote time to travel for the second location for my personal project-- Iglesia de Madre Santísima de la Luz or more known as Our Lady of Light Parish in Cainta, Rizal.


The church is located along Andres Bonifacio Avenue in Barangay San Andres Cainta, Rizal just a few steps from the municipal hall and right next to Cainta Catholic College. While I have been to this place some years ago (in 2011 I think) when my family did the traditional Visita Iglesia, yesterday was really the first time I was able to explore the place and took the opportunity of doing so when the weather slightly improved. And if during my visit to St John the Baptist Church, a wedding was being held, during yesterday's visit to this church, there was a requiem mass being held so I had to wait for an hour before entering the church (and just to be safe from being in an awkward situation  :-)

The parish is an example of baroque architecture.While parts of the church has been renovated, the bell tower was kept in its original form. From the time it was constructed in 1760 the church belonged to the Archdiocese of Manila until it was placed under the the Diocese of Antipolo when it was established in 1983. Our Lady of Light Parish was declared a historical site  by NHCP in 2007.

Cainta Church is also the second place of worship that I have visited with a renovated altar. What reminded me of theirs was that of the chapel in Manila that I used to visit. Only that this church has a more rich detail with regards to how it was designed.

I stayed for like an hour inside the church to say my prayers and marvel at the place, not to mention take time to appreciate the beauty, silence and solemnity that one can get in a deserted place of worship. Unfortunately, I failed to see the commissioned work of  National Artist Fernando Amorsolo that can be found in the church. But given that Cainta is just an hour or so away from where I live, I might as well give the church another visit.

Two old churches down and I've got about four more in Rizal to go. And maybe, instead of doing this as a weekly thing, I'll make it a monthly activity. Where will the next place be? Stick around this blog because I'll post the upcoming trips here :-)

Our Lady of Light Parish Church
A. Bonifacio Avenue Bgy San Andres
Cainta, Rizal


amyxal_villa said...

I went there last Father's Day... although I've passed by this church and the school a few times, it was actually my first time to go inside the church. We bought some kakanin then we went to Mass shortly. Nice 17th-c. church. :)

GLAIZA said...

Yup although they renovated some parts (there was some renovations on the choir loft when I visited). Apparently, I missed passing by the facade of the church. I used the side entrance only to find out 30 minutes after that the long isle leads to the facade of the church.