Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Paralegal Just Got Promoted

To a more challenging yet beautiful role of becoming a wife that is.

My colleague Joelee married her longtime beau Joseph in a Christian ceremony last weekend. In more than four years that I have been in the law firm, two other colleagues have been promoted from being a "Ms." to "Mrs.". I have been invited to a number of weddings but this is technically the first time I was there present. When Joelee told me a month ago that she wanted me to be there on her wedding day, I decided it was time to go and that it was something I simply couldn't miss for the world.

Her wedding also became a mini reunion. Here I am with our former accountant, Christal (we call her CJ) who is also a new wife herself having tied the knot just last January. 

And because it's our paralegal's wedding, the squad from our group, Baranggay Tibay are all present as witnesses (yeah, as if we were in court). Here we are in our #SquadGoals photo.

Joseph and Joelee's wedding was one wonderful celebration of love. I'm glad I was there to honor these two and witness a milestone in their lives. Yes there were some tears (myself and another colleague got teary eyed hearing the pastor narrate their love story and the groom's speech when he thanked his parents) but for the most part were nothing but cheers for this couple. Theirs was a proof of that love is that powerful for it can find and bind two people regardless of distance, and modifying that usual Filipino cliché, ilang milya man ang haba ng prusisyon, sa forever pa rin talaga ang tuloy. :-)  

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