Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weekend DIY Project

Because I was feeling under the weather last Sunday, I opted to do just three things: First is to stay home (which meant I have to miss attending the Mass. I wanted to but I couldn't risk getting sick and unable to go to work the next day), Second was to write about my second solo trip for my personal project and lastly, I did a DIY project.

It's not really a complicated project. I decided to do some weekend clean up of my office desk before I went home last Friday for the weekend. And while a mug is usually seen in the kitchen for your morning dose of caffeine (I have a separate one for coffee), I use this for a different purpose: something to hold pens, markers and other desk supplies. Yeah, I am a paralegal-slash-human bookstore!

Yeah, I might be working as a paralegal, but I was and
still am a writer first prior to that. This is the proof.
The project was just easy-peasy. I just wanted to transform my ceramic mug from being plain, boring white to a lively one. And the trick was accomplished by using the stash of washi tapes that I have in my craft box. I bought those from an online store, Paper Blush. I've used those materials for other do it yourself projects (particularly with scrap booking) but last week was my first attempt at using it for something fragile (READ: breakable). 

It was kind of a struggle the first few tries especially that I am a bit OC when it comes to the alignment (shallow, I know!) But after an hour of trial and error (I just realized afterwards that I should have bought a mug with an even cylinder shape), it was worth the struggle because the end result looked good. I just ended up getting the look that I wanted. Not to forget, the project was a good stress and boredom reliever too.

I tried locating more DIY projects using washi tapes on the internet and found a lot. I just have to select a few though and see for myself what I can produce out of those colorful things -- and it will also be posted here :-)

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