Monday, October 24, 2016

The OC Project: St. Jerome Parish Morong, Rizal

Three months. That's how long it's been since I visited  and wrote about the second church for The OC Project series. But over the weekend and thanks to the Civil Service Examinations, I had the chance to finally update this sort of "lakwatsaserye" on my blog. Next to making an ocular visit to the school where I was assigned for the exams, I got to include visiting the town's church, St Jerome Parish in my itinerary.

Completed in 1620, and given its barouque-style architecture, St Jerome Parish, is among the favorite subjects of photographers and photography enthusiasts and there's no need to ask why. The moment I reached the place on a Saturday afternoon, I can't help but be fascinated too. The church's facade is already enough for me to consider this place of worship postcard-worthy. I never thought history could be this beautiful -- and just like what a friend's hashtag in his posts would say, old but gold.

This is how the interior of the church looks like.The altar may have gone through rennovations but history is still visible from the other religious materials found in the church such as the paintings of the 14 Stations of the Cross found on the walls.  My mom was able to attend the 6 am mass in this church yesterday while I was taking the exam. And just like me, she also couldn't help but marvel at the church -- particularly the fact that history was preserved in this place -- and how solemn the morning mass was held free from the usual distractions of crying kids and distracting gadgets. She even mentioned that the place is an ideal backdrop for one's travel and event journals.

St. Jerome Parish Church
Gov. Martinez St.
Morong, Rizal

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