Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Belated Birthday Post

I turned 32 last Saturday.

There. I said it. Plain. Simple. Straightforward.

How I spent my birthday weekend was rather unconventional. Far from the typical "party hard" type, mine was in a simpler, quieter tone. I guess that's the effect of getting older. When you're young, a birthday won't be complete unless you are able to party to your heart's content, indulging in booze all night (until all day) long. The exact opposite when your birthday arrives and you are more aware of the fact that you're not young anymore -- that's when you appreciate simplicity, solemnity and silence all the more.

The folks at work gave me an advanced birthday party a day before I went on a vacation leave. This has become somewhat a tradition to our team given that with all the things we would go through day-to-day in performing our duties, andito at buo pa rin kami-- and still strong at that. Years ago, it was my heart's wish to experience celebrating my birthday at work -- literally in the office. And that has been the scenario for five times now. But as soon as the big day arrived, I decided to welcome it in a quiet, practical way I know -- unplanned, simple, ordinary. 

While I was not on my office desk on a workday, I still traveled to Quezon City but to visit St. Pio Chapel. I have been devoting a part of my time every Friday going to this place since this year had started. Upon waking up on the morning of my birthday, I spent an extra hour in bed just lying there savoring a new morning (anyway, it's a weekend and such extra time in bed doing nothing already is a luxury). I just had a quick brunch and headed straight to Quezon City again, but this time in order to go to St. John Paul II Parish for the 12:15 pm Thanksgiving Mass.

It might be ironic but I guess, I was just being content despite not having everything -- even that one thing I hoped to receive for my birthday. I turned off the "writings on the wall" on my Facebook account and I believe it was beneficial to my yearning for silence. It showed that whoever would want to remember will really find a way to do so. I may not have gotten a lot of those birthday wishes, but the ones I got proved to be the genuine ones.  When I had to make a wish before blowing the birthday candle, I found it hard to put it into words despite knowing that I do have one. It may seem odd but more than just wishing something for myself, I find it easier to pray for something for other people.

On the other hand, I may be old by the numbers, but I still am the girl that I was years ago -- only a bit improved in a way that I have learned to let go of some things, to be patient with people (and still working on it), to look with value and appreciate what I have at present, to make time for what and who is important, but most of all, to realize that the real purpose of my life and my existence in this world is to be there for someone else -- things I have learned from the circumstances I have to face as well as from the people I meet and from that one person who has been slowly occupying a space in my heart.