Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bonding Over Food at Inang Bina's

For the longest time, I have known myself to have a love-hate relationship with food. I'm more of takaw-tulog than takaw-kain person. But whenever I meet up with friends either for a celebration or if we just want to have a breather, we always end up doing that over food.

Inang Bina's Restaurant in my hometown Angono Rizal has been a common go-to place we frequent for after work dinners. The place is cozy that you may want to check this out especially if you wish to take a well-deserved RnR to welcome the weekend (I say weekends as that's when I often go here with friends after a very busy week at work). I've been there a number of times but it's just now that I'm doing this food review (#Latepost, I know). So, if you're wanting to ask about their menu, these are what I've tried from the times I visited.

Inang Binas offers a variety of dishes on their menu from rice meals, pasta, snacks, coffee-based drinks and desserts that are budget friendly (read: hindi maka-wasak wallet). During our last visit for Ma'am Cez's birthday, her hubby Jonathan ordered the spicy chicken and while I failed to grab a bite, they both gave it a thumb's up.

One of their rice meals that I tried was their lechon kawali. While it's nothing different with the usual lechon kawali that your tastebuds have always been familiar of, this reminds me of how moms would cook it at home. So kapag nag-crave ako at ayaw akong ipagluto ng nanay ko dahil tinatamad siya, I know where to get some of that "cholesterol fix" hahaha!

I'm not much of a rice person for as long as I know. Yes, I consume rice but not much of it. And the next best solution for carbo loading that works on me is pasta. Carbonara has been my food of choice than spaghetti (unless the spaghetti has tuna and mushrooms on the sauce). I've tried their Carbonara twice and while it almost failed on the first attempt (the noodles was a bit rubbery and bland texture wise), medyo nakabawi naman the second time. Although I hope they can put some more effort on maybe tweaking the recipe pa. 

I also ordered their Clubhouse sandwich during our last visit and it was good. The bacon, cheese egg and lettuce were filling and their scrambled egg on the sandwich isn't runny (one of my pet peeves with food is that I hate it when the scrambled egg or sunny side up is not cooked well). I'd order another one when I visit them next time. 

And when it comes to desserts, they also serve cakes on their menu. I was able to try their sans rival and compared to what I had from a commercial, store-brought pastry from a bakeshop, this one's better. The sweetness isn't too sweet, the crunch and the taste coming from the egg isn't overpowering. I felt like a kid again when I devoured on this huge slice, I finished that on my one (and forgot to share). I am just uncertain whether they have this on their menu all the time so better check with one of their staff for the availability. But nevertheless, this is worth spending some bucks on.

There still are a lot of food places and restaurants I have yet to explore in my hometown but at least, I got to tick one off my list. Overall, Inang Bina's Restaurant is always worth the visit from the ambiance to the food that can fill you up without emptying your wallet.

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