Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mending Myself and Bringing Back My Childhood


In the process of trying to mend a broken part of me, I decided to divert my attention the past week by heading to the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast. This is the first time I went to see this movie. While the movie was shown as an animated movie in 1991, I was still too young to appreciate the movie. Now that I am older and have a clearer understanding and appreciation of movies, I decided to see the film on my own (again!)

Watching the film felt being in Broadway. Next to scenes and the cinematography filled with fantasy and magic, I enjoyed all the music that comes with the movie (I particularly had "Be Our Guest" playing in my ear for days!) as it further made the movie more entertaining.. Despite the fact that the movie was two hours long (I think), it was worth being glued to my seat.The essence and moral that the movie would like to impart, that sincere motives triumph against illicit ones and the lesson of loving beyond the physical attributes were maintained even if it has been 27 years since it was first shown on the big screen.
The power of love and a little moment to believe in magic -- sometimes, it's what you need to banish the blues even for quite a while.  

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