Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Two Cents Worth Wednesday: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

I've had this book for years in my shelf. While I've been meaning to spend time and read it, I seriously can't get away with time constraints. However, I decided to take the initiative this year to make time for the books that I bought but were left still unread. And the first on my list is this one. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl that chronicles the life of a teenage diarist, Anne Frank during the years in Germany, hiding in the Secret Annexe when Holocaust was happening.

From 20 June 1942:

"I don't intend to show this cardboard covered notebook bearing the proud name of "diary" to anyone, unless I find a real friend, boy or girl, probably nobody cares. And now I come to the root of the matter, the reason for my starting a diary: it is that I have no such real friend."

From 22 January 1944:

"All the problems of our 'upbringing', of our being spoiled, the food -- it could have been quite different if we'd remain perfectly open and friendly, and not always only on the lookout for something to seize on."

From 3 February 1944:

"I have now reached the stage that I don't care much whether I live or die. The world will still keep on turning without me; what is going to happen, will happen, and anyway it's no good trying to resist."


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