Wednesday, March 21, 2018

On Hibernate Mode

As of this writing, I temporarily deactivated my Facebook account. And save for some occasional posts on Twitter and Instagram, there isn't really anything new about me social media wise.Blame it on the fact I am always busy, I get home at the end of the day exhausted and that Holy Week is again fast approaching, I opted to taper my social media (particularly Facebook) activity. I guess it's also because I don't see a point spending much of my time in a platform that seems to serve more harm than good.

Technology and the internet is supposed to improve lives and make it somehow easy, but it appears to do otherwise. Save for a very few things that spell good news, social media and its use appear to have influenced a lot of people in a hugely negative way. While a lot use it as a vehicle to exercise freedom of speech and expression, apparently it's also a place of condemnation. Everyone wants to be heard to a point that people appear to have forgotten rather important aspects of human existence: PRIVACY, RESPECT AND COMMON SENSE

Maraming nagmamagaling at gustong maging magaling. But it has come to the extent na nakakalimutan na nila kung ano at paano ang maging mabuti.

To me social media is a place that leaves no room or space for mistakes. It's a place where one dissatisfying opinion automatically puts one in a type hell filled with condemnation, harsh words and even threats that are often lethal to one's safety as a person. I'm not trying to be perfect (and won't ever will) but I've been a prey of bashers too in some instances -- I just knew how to deal with them. And instead of Facebook and other similar platforms becoming beneficial to people's lives, it became nothing but a training ground for trolls, bashers, fake news, fake people and bullies. It has completely transformed into a modern-day breeding place not for happiness or positivity but for paranoia and hostility.

Sadly, social media is just 1% good news and 99% shit. It's harsh yet it's real. And that's the way I see it. 

People including me strive to live in a world filled with events and things that are already toxic and taxing to human existence. For someone like me who is currently in the phase of adulting and trying to stay afloat with the challenges, stresses and activities of daily life, accommodating negativity in everyday living will be too much to take in.

My decision to be on intermittent social media use was a personal choice. The universe already has had enough of its share of bad things. And going through negativity and unappealing stuff is exhausting. I know that by doing this, I could be left behind about a number of things but I don't mind. With the world being on the receiving end of a lot of exhaustion that it does not deserve, I'd rather not inflict further damage, and instead, stay away from something that could cause further discord. I still believe in the power and beauty of silence. And for that I'd choose to unplug from this complicated, stressful part of the world. So forgive me if you won't hear anything from me from time to time. For I need and deserve silence-- for my own welfare and that of my sanity. And I suggest you try the same the same thing too.

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