Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

I was booted out of the training after seven days in January 6. I was of course sad over it for I had a setback the night before. It was the second in a week and it really dampened my spirits.

That times, I was all really saying that I don't have anything. My relationship that has been rocky turned all sour and was about to go to the drain this time for good then I got fired in my training. I was really telling others who I was--A BORN LOSER.

If there is one good thing about being booted out is receiving surprises. Aside from the prospective job I got from my cousin, it was last Saturday, January 10 I got this unexpected text message from a certain Jimmy Capulong who was actually one of the staff of ABS CBN's Kapamilya Deal or No Deal asking me to come to their studio by Monday January 12 for the screening and exam for the show.

It sent my goosebumps up. I was all too cold from head to toe upon reading the message. I informed my mom with the tone of my voice sounding with fear or concern. Just like when I got the phonecall for Game Ka Na Ba three years ago, there was disbelief. That evening, I verified the information and the person who sent the message and it indeed was--all true.

It was my family who were more ecstatic that I do. They were even the ones doing the plans and it did sent the hell out of me. Hearing their plans made me more scared.
I came to the studio that Monday. And joining Game Ka Na Ba is somewhat exciting and excruciating. I met Jimmy Capulong personally. Even had goofy moments with the funny guy and after the briefing, came the exam. I got to personally meet Pinoy Big Brother's resident psychologist, Dr. Randy Dellosa who facilitated the exam. There were more process to go through and sadly I was not one of the chosen few to stay for the rest of the process.

I might not have gone through everything but at least, I braved another adventure and got through
at least one-third of the process. My brother says I'm lucky at game shows; my family is a witness to
that. I enjoy joining but I don't really expect so much. After the game show stuff, things are starting
to move for me. I just passed the recruitment process from a prospective employer and I hope other
things will too eventually.

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