Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back From an Amazing Race

I'm back a day after that first leg of the mission project of MMLDC. For two Tuesdays, I'll be joining the team in conducting the said activity to schools in Cavite. Well, the first leg was finished yesterday and it was indeed fun for me.

Enough of the rain. I miss sceneries such as this.

The photo above was taken in the afternoon on our way to the second school. Enough of the rains though but I appreciated it. I've longed for the green pastures of provinces since Rizal doesn't have much of that. Likewise, I told my mom that I needed to breathe a different kind of air; enough of Rizal's kinda polluted one =p. Just for a change.

I haven't been to Cavite for quite a long time. Ms. Joji, one of our program officers asked me on the way if I have been to the province and if it was for buiness of other reasons. I've been to Kawit back in 1995 and to Tagaytay in 2004 during Mom and Dad's 20th wedding anniversary. Both periods were several years back. And visiting the province again after many years was in a way challenging. I love to travel--so much that I don't feel that exhausted on the way but instead, I get to feel that when going home.

The trip was such an adventure. Getting lost in search for the shortest way to the destination, our trip was like an Amazing Race episode (in Cavite version with us as participants). It took us three hours (I think) just to drop off the first group to their assigned school.

With me was Kayen of ABS CBN. And the officials of Gen. Alona Elementary School in Biclatan Gen. Trias Cavite

This was taken after lunch in the first school we visited. Forgive the mess, and the blurred shot since we were in a bit of a hurry. The HE students (who actually cooked our sumptuous lunch) forgot to remove the plates; and the student who took this shot is not a photojournalist so please don't expect too much :-) .

Despite of painstakingly enduring the supposedly shortest way, it felt so good that we were warmly welcomed by the school heads and participating individuals. This was my first time to join such a challenging endeavor and I won't mind the exhaustion. After all, the warm welcome me, my partner Kayen, and others had received were more than enough.

We still have two more schools to visit next week. And I'm looking forward to that. But for now, I'll need a day to pamper myself, get my paycheck, and bring my nephew to the mall or buy him a gift (whichever would apply) because I missed his birthday yesterday.

Oh and eat the fruits too.

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