Friday, November 20, 2009

Been Through Busy Weeks

It has been two weeks since I last wrote on this zone. And now I am saying anyongihaseyo (in Korean, that's HELLO) again. My long absence was because of a lot of things; from updating or should I say revamping a concealed blog to overseeing the operations of the magazine. My managing editor had to file a leave thus entrusting me with the task as coordinator (I'd rather put it that way--rather than call myself as OIC managing editor, which I don't think to be appropriate) for the quarterly publication. Which really left me really busy.

The said endeavor left me working on like the usual office schedule. For most days, I found myself working from 9am to 5 pm in front of the PC monitoring the emails from my editor, checking the drafts and coordinating with the printing press. This seemed to be a routine that mom actually finds taxing.

But don't get me wrong. Despite having the task, I don't complain. I am used to it actually. And handling the magazine taught me new lessons. It showed me how it is like to do the whole thing; not just write and revise like what I have been doing for three years (actually it's eight years, if you'll include being in the college paper). It was fun that because I've been seeing the same pages, emailing the same stuff to the same people, it came to a point that I have memorized the contents and the place where to put what already.

The great news is that we're almost done and the magazine is just a few steps away from being printed. I can't hardly wait for the output.

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