Friday, November 6, 2009

Silver Year Girl

I was one of those who experienced a huge turn yesterday--by becoming 25 years old.

I never really had an extravagant celebration. Waking up to the reality that another year has been added to my life, it gripped me that I need to accomplish a lot and establish myself; living a stagnant life is absolutely scary--especially if you have reached this age. And while I decided to take a birthday leave, it never materialized much. Two days before the celebration and until yesterday morning, I was having an almost-disabling bout of hyper acidity and the heebie-jeebies over an anticipated event.

I had to do some email check and coordination with the printing press through phone for the magazine--answering calls while in bed two times during the day.

And while it was a rainy day for my birthday (hey, they say it's a sign of a blessing), I left home at 4pm to visit the church to say my prayers of thanksgiving for another year and off I went to Sta. Lucia for the scheduled appointment with a friend. The thing has been planned days ago including the plan of introducing me personally to another Facebook buddy. Funny but this was the first time ever that I spent almost an hour for my preparations and mom giving me another permission to come home late.

I'm 25 now. And more than just the wishlist, I have a more sincere wish--a more blessed and stable career, a life full of wisdom and development in the L/R department (that's actually the wish of my friends for me, but then in a way, I also wish that for myself hee...hee...)

I'll take this space for these people to say THANK YOU for your greetings and wishes:

Mom and Dad, my nephew Andrew (for that crying version of Happy Birthday), Tita Fe and Tita Vins, Tita Renee D., Ate Jenny RS.; my friends Brian D., Karen Grace R., Lalaine C., Mark U., Elizabeth C., Carmela V., Ate Sands C., Excel D., Mikhaela dL., Eileen T., Noelito C., Paulo S., Maricris R., Hermil I., Chona A., Love B.; my professor at URS, Ms. Jo J. (for an advanced greeting from Singapore); and to my bosses from MMLDC, Sir Noel A., Sir RJ C., and Ms. Angie T.

And to my two wonderful birthday guests (you know who you are), for that wonderful night with you guys, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really had a blast! Sa uulitin.

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