Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday Techie Galore

It's another Thursday. And so likewise, it's another day and entry for m wish list series. In my first entry, I posted the paperbacks I've been dying to read and immerse myself on, this time I'm moving another notch higher (and probably more expensive...unfortunately).

My Must-Haves for My Job
And so aside from the ever reliable buddies named Webster, Encarta and Mozilla Firefox (they're three now--before it was only Webster!) there are some things that I need to acquire to survive the needs and demands of my career (which is also growing when it comes to assignments).

First in my list, a laptop. Coincidentally, as I was planning to write this entry, I read this news from Yahoo Tech! that HP will come up with these low-priced products since they have acquired Compaq ( this Compaq CQ61z laptop costs $399--that's PhP 17,955 in our currency). However, at PhP 17,955, I still find it pricey and probably occupies a lot of space.And since my space rarely becomes clutter-free, I need a gadget that can be tucked even in small vacant slots. So for a lappy, my choice would be this Asus EeePC. I wanted something small enough to be discreetly hidden in my backpack. Too bad PC Gilmore only has black and the white colors. As per the price, I was surprised that it's almost the same as the laptop above (a year ago, I checked on the same website for the price and it was just PhP 12,000 ). Small enough even to sleep with in my bed knowing that I normally do my work in bed with me (contrary to what a psychiatrist-friend told me, I don't use the bed and the room for sleep and sex--I use it for sleep and work).

Another must have in my list is a mobile phone. I've been using a Nokia 3660 for three years now and it's starting to resign one at a time. And of all the models I've checked, I was only satisfied with the Nokia 6070. Not only that it was the phone I really targeted to lay my eyes on, honestly, being the cheapskate me, that's the phone my budget can afford. I don't really deem for the Über-high tech phone. Just the one enough for me to do the backlogs and the nerdy things that are part of my daily routine.

Last on my list is a digital camera. Despite of the technology, I still have the old, film-leaded camera (although I don't use it anymore).I love pictures and this is one must-have since I normally am not convinced with camera phones. My cousin has her Sony Cybershot which I borrow on occasions and I think it will be more convenient to own one for myself. This works double purpose since it can also work as a handy cam (minus the bulk) and being the video maniac me who loves to document my whereabouts, this one would be a great buddy.

But the wish list is pricey. So I'll have to save up for these stuff--I mean really, really save up, but who knows, there might be a Santa out there.
photos courtesy of and Nokia Philippines.

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