Sunday, August 21, 2011

Occupied August: Hooked With a Book

Just on the second day of August, I received another surprise. This time, it was one of my favorite stuff -- books that is.

I've been seeing this book Match Made by Cel Coscoluella and Faye Ilogon together with the other two books First Love and Heartbreak. I was hesitant about buying the book when I first saw it in bookstores last year thinking I might not like the stories and of course, because Heartbreak is too pessimistic-sounding. And I was trying to veer away from nega vibes.

But I got intrigued with Match Made's cover text. In the pursuit of love, you can actually catch something. And catch something indeed. For the book contains mostly some addicting stories. Some of the stories I particularly like include: Marie Aubrey Villaceran's Quality of Life, because it showed how a daughter showed the idea of unconditional, innocent love to a wife and mother who is already suspecting that her husband is womanizing.

Sweet and Sour by Ana Maria Villanueva- Lykes is a cute narration of how a simple form of tuksuhan could actually lead to a romantic relationship. In that case, the more you hate, the more you love could actually happen -- for real.

Cecile Lopez-Lilles got me addicted to her story, Lobster Diner that I have been reading the story the third time around. It's one story that could teach someone a thing about saying sentences at the right time; and how one uncoordinated question could ruin what's supposed to have been a happy ever after.

More than just invisibility, Invisibles of Ken Ishikawa just strengthened my hope that regardless of how bitter one's past is, there's someone meant to call your own.

And last but not the least, He's My Destiny by I.P Goze enlightened me at some point. Men aren't mind readers, cold shoulders don't work in any issue and that picking someone who loves you more than you love him or her always works -- to your favor. Another thing, always look on the brighter side, on why you decided and chose that person in the first place.

How about you, what's that one lesson the current book you read had taught you? Drop me a line. I want to now.

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