Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lessons from the Memory Jar

Took this photo using Instagram.
For the past three or four years, I have been observing some routines in time for New Year's Day. I rarely make resolutions for the sake of it because I believe you do not need New Year's day to do it -- or better yet, you need not make promises of change just on new year but the rest of the year.

I have heard about creating a "memory jar" last year. At that time, I was still on my self imposed tradition of lighting prosperity candles. But what is a memory jar? It's actually a simple method of keeping memories. All you have to do is write what good thing has happened to you for a day and keep it in a jar.

The catch? You should religiously do it for, read this, 365 days.

And just for a change, in exchange to prosperity candles that always told me my career this year would be  lucky (and it never failed), I took this challenge of keeping a memory jar. As of this writing, I now have 11 wonderful events kept in it. Doing so felt good because for one, it got me into the habit of recalling my day and look with gratitude the wonderful events that happened. I know this is just the beginning but it has taught me that regardless of how messy or stressful a day has been, there will always be one or two good things that happens and I should look at it that way. Wonderful. Beautiful.

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