Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Almost Left This Entry Untitled

This article was supposed to be published on Feb. 27, 2008 but I just had it done today while having a bout with colds.

I reported to the interview and my class tonight with a feeling that I never slept at all. I guess I was too overwhelmed with all the things going inside my head; teaching and a prospect of having that dream job that I have been waiting for three years hopefully coming true. I received the call I have been patiently waiting for for weeks and finally I got to receive it at 5:22 pm Feb.26 on my way to my part time job. And this afternoon was the panel interview; with the editors. 3 bubbly girls were there talking to me about lots of things----including the job and the scope of it. Frances was the editor's name. I quite knew her because I have been reading her blog and it's one of my favorite blogs. I used to see her in her blog Topaz Horizon and in the magazine Marie Claire with her article I Proposed to My Man published in June 2007. She's really beautiful; the same beautiful girl wearing a gorgeous wedding gown in the magazine. When she asked me about the magazines of Summit Media that I read, she asked me why Cosmo, and when she knew that I also read Smart Parenting and Good Housekeeping while the two other editors were asking me are you a mother already and things like that, I told her these:

"That's the irony of it. There are times that I also think that why in the
world am I doing this. While those women my age are reading Cosmopolitan or
Seventeen I on the other hand already reads Smart Parenting and Good
And her response was this:
"Subconsciously you want to get married, have kids and be a mother."

And she's right with that. (sigh!) And as to the proposing thing, she gave me a piece of advice:
Try to give him a game console (aka PS3) and he won't say NO.I had undergone three steps to the fulfillment of my lifelong dream of working with them. I'm taking things one step at a time and armed with my prayer of thanks and petition to St. Jude, I'm hoping and praying for a positive response. A positive YES to something that I have long been waiting for. And I hope that this is part of God's Plan for my life.

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