Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Different Tagaytay

The whole Acad crew landed to Tagaytay Monday night. While I thought there's no Amazing Race for this leg, there actually was for I received the scribbles of text message and phone calls that
mid-morning as I was in MMLDC Antipolo and was planning to have lunch with a friend. So I had to reschedule the lunch date and return home as fast as I could to pack my things, leave my status on Facebook that lasted for two days and rush to McDonald's Marcos Highway before 4 pm.

The trip to Tagaytay was such a breeze I should say. It was fast and such unusual for surprise, surprise--there was no traffic jam in SLEX. And everyone especially Ms. Amor was so happy at that; to think that there's an ongoing project in that area, it's really a miracle for that highway to be traffic-free.

We arrived nearly 8 pm in Tagaytay and at the first sight of the city, I have found it already different compared to how it was when I last visited in 2005 with my Petroglyphs staff for the annual PressCon. The breeze itself was already distinct. Not spine-chilling at all (probably because it's already August).

I think Tagaytay now is more "civilized" and urban. The last time I was there, I only explore on Picnic Grove, People's Park and a Mc. Donald's outlet in Oliveros Plaza. Now as I return, there are lots of the fast food chains and a Puregold branch too. One teacher from Tagaytay City Science National High School even told us, "ma'am baka sa susunod na balik nyo may SM na dito." (ma'am maybe when you return, there will already be SM here.)

And it's possible. In fact, as soon as we arrived and found a place to stay (it's a nice 8-bedroom house with individual bathrooms, aircon and TV) just three minutes away from the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, we had dinner in a restaurant (Bacolod Chicken Inasal) near the Robinson's Summitridge Hotel. And the building where we had dinner could be compared to Eastwood.

And another thing that caught my attention was this place called Wisteria Lane ( readers, it's a fictional street made famous in the show Desperate Housewives).

But still, nothing beats to this wonderful view that left me amazed like a child:

Loved the road trip, the air, the view, people and pasalubong too. Now I'm off to rest, rest and rest. For compared to last week that I was awake for 20 hours, this time, I reached to 39 hours of no slumber.

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