Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photos of a Typhoon-Stricken Weekend

Writing this on a Sunday morning. Due to typhoon Ondoy hitting the metro and nearby areas, I decided to call off the two events which I was supposed to attend to yesterday. As early as 7 am of Saturday I was trying to send an SMS to colleagues asking if they're still going to push with their respective events.

Thank God I simply stayed home. For this is the view outdoors if I did:

This photo was courtesy of ABS CBN News online showing the Aerial view of Marcos Highway in Cainta Rizal. Normally, Cainta is one busy, traffic-stricken place on sunny days but as Ondoy came to the country, this now is the picture depicting the place. As of this writing, people including celebrities like Cristine Reyes and ABS CBN's talent coordinator Angge Lee is asking for help to be rescued since floods already invaded their homes.

Back home, this was taken by me through my cousin's digicam in the midst of the heavy rains yesterday morning. Few people know my house is located in a hillside subdivision so although there times we find delight seeing things like this, most times, this scenario is also one thing that we fear about too.

That's my nephew and his yaya making the most out of the stone and mud-colored water in front of the house. Although this is a common thing, we keep an eye on the kids since the current is so strong. Strong enough to drive someone away. And I'm not kidding. I once saw my cousin being pushed by the strong water current while bathing in the rain coming home with wounds on his elbows because he tried to defend himself. That's how strong the force of nature is. And to prove more of it are these pictures:

This is not taken from a landslide-stricken province. This is the view just outside our house. I decided to take this photo just to see the aftermath (at the same time I saw the sun shining already). That's how strong the water current was yesterday, it almost dissolved the soil and tore down the banana trees and cassava root crops dad planted months ago.

In spite of the cancelled attendance to events, I was still working on my tasks. Aside from writing, I'm also into transcription so in my bedroom I have this yellow paper, tapes and the recorder which I listen to and write. I'm dying to read that book, One Day at a Time by Francis Kong so despite of the transcription, I read the book on the side. Due to the typhoon, power supply was cut-off until about 2 am. If not for those linemen who accepted being on-call at the wee hours, I won't be wrting thi today. Thank heavens for the I-pod brought home by my brother's friend, I was able to survive the quiet, cold night.

Those were just about my weekend and my family's. Unfortunately as typhoon hit our area, my dad was not with us. He's currently staying in the province in the family's hometown in Quezon and mom although asking plainly I know is worried too. As I woke up today immediately checking on news feeds from various news agencies over the internet, 42 people were killed (in Rizal alone) 20 are still missing and 10 from the 42 casualties were from Angono. In my Facebook account, I received an email from Rapa Lopa of I am Ninoy. The email contained a call for help for those who were greatly affected and evacuated families due to the typhoon.

For those who would like to help, donations in the form of clothes, canned food, rice and medicines may be sent to these addresses:

Caritas Manila Office Jesus St., Pandacan Manila near Nagtahan Bridge
( 5639298/5639308)

Radio Veritas at Veritas Tower West Ave. Corner EDSA
(tel no. 9257931-40).

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