Friday, July 9, 2010

Of Law, Life and Change

Howdy! It has been a long two weeks since I last gave you people an update. Like what I have said weeks back, I will be busy with pursuing an endeavor which I hope will be changing my life, as for the longest time, I have been wanting feasibility all along.

There are some things I cannot change but until I try I will never know. It took me sometime contemplating about taking what is actually among those "big leaps" that I will ever be taking in my life. Of course, there was the usual episodes of fear but fast forward to 14 days, there has been things now that is actually giving my life a makeover.

And it had started to really change my life. For 14 days, I have been going en route daily to Makati Central Business District. Jaguars and Audis became a typical sight (and the office is like minutes from a Maserati showroom too) and while I finished a degree in Journalism, and I do edit, I'm not an editor to the usual magazine -- a stuff which I took hold in the past four years. Instead, what I am having are inclined to legal matters, meaning a thing that's only fit for lawyers and those who are fond of reading John Grisham and watching Law and Order, CSI, Boston Legal and The Practice.

This job brought surprise to people and friends. One of them even thought I was already out of the country--even called me the Solicitor General of the US. Call it a different stroke of the plan but growing up, I never really had much interest on law. I grew up to thinking that despite finishing a degree that is acceptable for law school, I will never become a lawyer or else, I'd die early because I see that job as something stressful.

But in a way, some things within the context of the word that is "law" had somehow gave me a different perspective on certain things. What a deposition is, the difference between trials and hearings, cross and direct examinations, who are expert witnesses and stuff like that. It is now that I realize some arguments do make sense.

I seem to have memorized who and what Mulhall, Shapiro and Jonczack ask and what they mean with Strike that. ;-p

Yet, there was one thing I try to dismiss -- the out of the box suggestion of a friend for me to find an Esquire (that's actually the way Americans address lawyers) with the nature of my current job. It might be worth the thumbs up but then, given the choice, I like what Frances Amper said, love your own pa rin.

And I am not expecting that to happen anytime within the next few years. Such thing like others is worth the wait.

Quoting my current favorite among the other statements would be this:

"You have the choice to read or waive your deposition but if you decide to change any part of your deposition, we have the right to re-depose you."

And I suppose, I don't need to change any of what I have actually said. As it is the truth and nothing but.

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