Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not All Surprises Are Exciting

I was discussing the subject of credit cards with my mom tonight when she told me that there is this letter from a bank addressed for me. She handed me an envelope and all the while I thought that it just contained supplementary information. I had been receiving SMS messages about the bank offering credit cards as additional service to their clients but I had always shrugged it off.

So imagine my disbelief when I tore open the envelope to find this:

At first I was like, okay,these are just forms to fill out. Nothing to worry about. But there was this disquiet within that tells me I am in for a surprise. And it's a surprise indeed because I found this:

Holy Cow! A credit card from American Express. I am supposed to be ecstatic because this is the first time I'd have one in my own name. But I didn't. Rather than ecstatic, I was discreetly freaking out in my head; especially when I read that the card is already active, ready to use and I would be receiving my account statement every 27th of the month. Fear immediately started creeping my nerves. The next thing I knew was I was calling the bank to immediately ask what this was all about since I was 100% sure I did not apply for a credit card.

I was about to push the panic button because I knew that while I have my own bank account, I don't want a credit card. I always tell people I'll be losing financial discipline if I do get one and I just don't want that to happen. My reasons for not wanting a credit card are plain simple: I don't earn such hefty salary and I know that I can live even without such kind of luxury (okay, aside from I hate the stress of dealing with having to pay penalties if ever I exceed the credit limit).

I spoke to one of their customer service agents named Kyle and apparently, I was endorsed by the bank's branch manager as I have an account with the bank. When I explained that I did not apply for it and I wanted to have the card cancelled ASAP, he obliged to process my request. And in all fairness, the process was quick. I was just placed on hold for three minutes (but not in consecutive order). I was given a reference number and was told to just destroy the card.

Call me crazy but I did not hesitate to do a decision at that instance. It's just that I knew what choice to make -- and it was to keep my life simple and not have a credit card at all.


mbolera said...

if u decided to not to use the card thats absolutely a good one. cc set the hell in my life. it ruined the good budgeter in me, u can never tell. cc is a to be safe disregard the card.its a better option. i learned that if i want something and i dont have the money it means i have to wait til i saved enough to buy it.but cc is never a good option. and p.s. avoidance is better than cure sabi nga sa safeguard. so safeguard your temptation.

GLAIZA said...

I totally agree with you mblorea! The best things in life are the ones that you waited long and worked hard for. And true enough, kung hindi kaya ng bulsa, tiis ganda muna :-)

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