Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I'm Looking Forward To on Christmas

It's Christmas in less than a week. Parties are everywhere (I just attended one last night) and shoppers had started flocking the malls for gifts. As for me, I haven't made any trips to the mall for my presents except for the one I purchased for the office party.

But if you'd want to know what I'd love Santa to deliver on my doorstep next week, I'm giving you a peak on them:

A 2011 planner. This has been one of the items that I tag as essential." Despite the presence of gadgets and mobile phone calendars, I still prefer writing them out just so I think it's the safest way to keep the reminders on track. I'm not really particular with designs though I am enticed with the color red and lately, the shade of pink.

Books. Being and knowing the bookworm that I am, this is one thing that keeps my sanity. My mom has been telling me that I already had enough as my bookshelf is being filled to the brim with paperbacks but then, I just want to prevent my braincells from shrinking so I keep on learning by experience and by reading. In a recent project in the office where we were asked of our wishes, it was actually what I indicated. I specifically wrote there The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Three Little Words on Life, On Love, On Laughs.

Teddy Bear.
I am a huge fan of this fluffy creature. I've been eying on that huge white teddy from Bear Cuddler hoping that I can adopt it eventually. Mom thinks I'm too old for that but as someone says, it's never too late to bring out the kid in all of us.

Movie DVD's. I was particularly eying for Schindler's List that started when I saw an episode of GMA 7's Pinoy Meets World where they featured Germany and being a history geek, browsing about Nazi regime and the Holocaust, it actually increased curiosity on my part. I'm also wishing for Toy Story 3 and Up!

Starbucks Java chip Frappuccino.
The last time I had this was during a lunch date with my former editor-in-chief for Highlights. I'm not really a coffee house patron as I'm conscious with their prices (one tall size is already equivalent to the price of three litters of gasoline) but I guess one-time indulgence won't hurt.

Somebody to date, fall for, and fall in love eventually. I know this is too frivolous but I suppose I also have the right to wish this for myself. In Bo Sanchez's book, he mentioned a prescribed period of six months before entering a new relationship; something which I decided to prolong for myself. For nearly two years, I lived by the "if in doubt, don't" philosophy by not dating anyone, because back then I was really having a lot of doubts and fears. I have never been happier in my single state, learning new things and lessons on love and life. As I do this entry, I am just four weeks away from finally ending that prescribed two-year period and the good thing, I finally realized that the doubts and fears are no longer lingering around. If that's a sign that's telling me to take that leap, I would probably know that later on. But right now, I am happily taking things one day at a time. If the time is right, I know I'll eventually jump into it.

Enough of being cheesy. Now, will you be my secret Santa?

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