Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Someone Gave Me A V-day Surprise

All the while, I was working and on duty for my shift on Valentine's evening and likewise despite the colorful and crimson-infused environment, I had already set on a resolve that there is nothing worth looking forward to so I just decided to work my ass out just like how it normally is.

Though we are lucky to have some fun with the V-day activities executed by the support group of the management. Just minutes prior to my lunch break, I just found myself singing to this song, Love is All Around by the band Wet, Wet, Wet. I was discreetly humming to that tune when out of the blue, my immediate supervisor told me these lines that left me agape in disbelief:

"I heard your name mentioned before they played the song."

It was a song, yes. And while I was placed in a hotseat for like 30 seconds or so being asked if I have a boyfriend from a different department, I had to be swift with the clarification.

"Wala po akong boyfriend dito. Single na single po ako." (I don't have a boyfriend. I am very much single.)

For all you know, the person behind that surprise could be a girl too. Now, who would have thought that only those lovey-doves have the right to be giddy in delight? Aside from this surprise, the morning before, I actually gave out a fearless shoutout on my Twitter account (but that's not the controversial, scandalous one you think of, okay). I'd object because for today I got a slice of the cake too. And I have the right to be happy at that.

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