Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Box That's Been Sitting There For A Week

Almost two years ago, I stated in this blog one of the things I have long-really wanted. If you can recall, I said it's a must have for me in this post. Given my erratic task with my freelance writing stint, I badly wanted that gadget but on the other hand, back then, I can't afford that just yet, and so it was a wishful thought.

But when I scored a nice-paying job at a US-based multimedia industry, I really took the effort to save up and turn that wishful thought a reality. I had to ignore the presence of gimmick spots left and right as well as give up indulging tall cups of frappes for the meantime. But likewise, the sacrifice paid me off -- after four months.

Last Sunday, I tagged mom along with me to troop to Gilmore to finally acquire the gadget that I've long wanted. But that's contrary to what I previously mentioned two different brands, last Sunday, I bought and got myself this:

An Acer Aspire One netbook in Black. Prior to purchasing a netbook (yes, I just wanted a netbook and not a notebook both budget and size wise), I was thinking of getting an MSI Wind (because they have my favorite colors) but after comparing the product specifications, I opted to get Acer instead. My netbook is just a single core Intel Atom Processor (a dual core is also great but of course, it comes with in a higher price) with 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and 6-cell battery pack (which is enough to last until 6 hours if I'd be using it outdoors). As per the price, I got the gadget at PhP 12,500 and it included some freebies too.

I'm not really after high-priced, branded gadgets. I'm just a low-maint geek anyway and I prefer my gadget to be that too. Part of me still can't believe that at 26, I finally have a gadget that I purchased using my own money. Yes, it could be quite late, but still, I get to feel proud as if it's an accomplishment of some sorts to have acquired something without asking mom or dad to pay for it. But because I've been occupied with work, my netbook (which I simply called Bogs) as well as its manual is still unread and untouched. I'll be exploring the whole thing tonight.

And since this only has a 1 GB memory, I still am thinking which software would be appropriate to install in it.

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