Saturday, September 10, 2011

Of Dreams And...Diether!

For someone who often goes through stressful moments and is not really good at coping with it, sleep is the only sweet escape. Unfortunately, these days, I've been having issues with getting a restful slumber. Being able to complete a whole 8-9 hours snoozing rarely happens nowadays. I'd like to say I am sleep-deprived (if not sort of).

Now, I would only know if I have a restful slumber if I tend to have dreams in the REM stage (now, that's too psychological) regardless if I'd get to recall it or not. Funny but I was not supposed to write a post on this topic if not for this "ambitious" dream I had nights back. A dream I shared to my best friend Apple. Surprisingly, it's about a "not-so-ordinary" scene of a man in gray tuxedo coming to my house on a rainy night.

The guy happens to be him:

Exactly the same smile -- just like in my dream :-p

Crazy, right? As much as I'd like to hide the story as I feel kinda shy bout it but then, Apple mentioned about the whole thing in my Facebook status. And it left me beet red in the wee hours of the morning. But it's just fine. At least just for fun (although I'm wondering why of all people, it was Diether Ocampo who made a cameo appearance). There's actually an explanation to it however, I would need to browse on the piles of Cosmopolitan magazines in my library to find out.

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