Friday, February 3, 2012

Surprises for the Birthday Girl

It's already the fourth of the month and I realized I haven't written anything the past few days.

Today happens to be Kat's birthday. It was also on this day that some things just slipped in my mind. Questions about guy behavior and things close to it. While Beth and I were actually giddy in excitement for this day tagged as someone's debut, M came today and upon probably hearing us talk, broke the momentum by asking this to Kat:"

"Birthday mo ba?" (Is it your birthday?)

I had to do a Vice Ganda-like punchline (pero promise, na-guilty ako dun sobra) because all the obvious signs are already in front of him; from us talking about it, our big boss and office mates sending out their greetings (yes, imported from Queensland) to our office system's calendar. To which Kat whispered to me:

"Hindi man lang bumati!" (He didn't bother to greet.)

Now, I found it weird. I was asking at the back of my head if it's really natural for men to be forgetful when it comes to dates and special occasions. After all,I do know some people, guys who are just like that -- they switch to amnesia mode when it speaks of the significant dates. It's as if it is the law of the universe that women are supposed to be the one who should be keen to dates and details. But what came next caught me in awe: I saw him give this huge chocolate cupcake to Kat and in his soft, monotone voice heard him say happy birthday.

(*insert giddy move here*)

In fairness, with what I had witnessed and the way I wanted to think of it, he probably wanted to show some some originality And if I were to be asked, I'd say, he won it.

But what really went for the win was the birthday card that was given by her husband. I swear, I was not the birthday girl, but when Kat showed it to me and read it, I had to control tears from welling from my eyes.

Well, there are just people who are that lucky to find love and the person to share it with. And she's one of them.

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