Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thoughts in the Middle of Preparations

The editorial board of the magazine has been busy preparing for the anniversary issue scheduled to be released hopefully next month. As of this writing, I just finished writing another article for one of the sections. I'm happy that one of my works were included for the "best issues" of the magazine; my hard work is paying me off.

Yet, lately I have thoughts running in my head about my career as a writer. I do love this thing but then, I also yearn for career and financial stability. These days, there had been moments when I think about it. Sometimes I have doubts too of leaving this in exchange for another career. But then I knew I simply can't leave my being a writer. Despite of the joy that I get pursuing my passion, I also want to achieve a thing that I'll be doing daily.

For three years, I've been serving MMLDC in a freelance basis and within that span of time, I knew I'm happy with the company. I am happy with the company of people I am working with. I must admit that for such a long time, It was my earnest hope that I could serve the company for good.

At 24, I also long for stability. I've been career-driven and now that I've had my wish of being a published writer before I reach 30, I am already happy realizing that. This time, I'd want to serve the company for good. Although I'd still want to write for the magazine. I told one of my editors about it--that if ever I'd be hired to work for any post in the company, I'd still be willing to write for the magazine just so that I would be able to practice my craft and pursue my passion which I think is what's really in my veins.

I was once asked by somebody, what made you stay with MMLDC for three years being a freelance writer and you only live paycheck after paycheck? It's plain simple but true, my response was: because I'm happy writing, practicing the craft and I enjoy the company of people I am working with. That despite of their ranks, my bosses treat employees not as plain ones but like a family. They make me and their other crew feel important. One time I remember telling my mom, if my application (to other companies) won't work--which happens most of the time, then probably I'm really destined to serve and stay in MMLDC.

When you're happy and you know it, it's really hard to leave. Or to put it appropriately, you won't think much about leaving. I declined an opportunity waiting for me in Australia in 2008 because it would mean goodbye to writing for MMLDC Highlights--and I can't afford to quit. Thus in my current situation, I take part-time jobs in order for me to still write for Highlights. At least while I'm not yet working for MMLDC as an employee.

The other thing why I've been looking forward a stable career? I'm saving up for my next plan--going on a Disneyland trip--again before 30.


Anonymous said...

hi glaiza! wow I'm blown away that you love working with us and with highlights. thanks so much for giving us so much.

Glaiza said...

Hello anonymous. Thanks for your comment.I really am happy working with everyone and giving my talent and devotion to it; yet, I'd be more than happier to be hopefully blessed working with MMLDC and Highlights for good. Because I know this is where my heart truly is.