Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Viral Video I'd Love to Watch Over and Over Again

I first found out about this video yesterday morning when one of my friends shared the link. While she had said she will not cry, I decided to give it a try and watch the video to see for myself what it's all about.

I'm not really a fan of viral videos especially given the fact that majority of these are nonsense. But Coca-Cola's Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project was different.

It's a touching video about how three OFWs from different countries were given the chance to come home for the holidays through the initiative of Coca-Cola Philippines.  It was that heartwarming found myself crying (and to think I just woke up when I watched it yesterday morning) when I watched it.

It made an impact on me. And moved mo to tears despite trying not to.

I am no different from the family of the three OFWs. Prior to obtaining their Canadian citizenship,  my dad's two sisters were OFWs as well. And so, I wasn't spared from the sad feeling whenever one of them leaves to return to Canada after spending a month with us -- usually for Christmas. Of all the three people featured in the video, I was moved by the story of Joey Doble, who because of his job as a babysitter had to spend 11 Christmases in a foreign land. When the video reached to the point where he showed the ring he'll give his wife and when he first went to the school of his son when he arrived in the country.

I've seen a lot of Coca Cola ads and this one had touched me the most. If all ads would just contain heart more than just profit, I won't mind spending five minutes or so watching it without complaining.

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